The achievements of the Department of Physiology-3

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Department of Physiology is one of the main groups and the mother of Basic Sciences, recognized as the one the primarily established departments of School of Medicine of Mashhad since 1959. Relying on the grace of God and continuous efforts of professors in order to effectively develop the science and physiology and improve the quality and quantity of education and research over the years, the Department of Physiology considers the priorities and goals of plans and national-regional and academic documents and benefits from advanced technologies and new educational methods in order to actively improve professional ethics. This is confirmed by acceptable educational rankings of the university. 

Earning various ranks in Motahari Festival:

Educational festival of Shahid Motahari is one of the festivals held for universities and schools of medical sciences since 2008 in order to appreciate and acknowledge educational processes and improve the current training approaches in universities by preparing standards related to each educational process. In addition, recognition of criteria for evaluation and accreditation process, as well as development of processes and presentation of new educational techniques are carried out in this process. The Department of Physiology has earned many ranks in various fields of this festival, which are mentioned below:

Department of Physiology obtained the first rank in 2010 (third round of Motahari festival), 2012 (fifth round of Motahari festival), 2014 (seventh round of Motahari festival) and 2016 (eighth round of Motahari festival) in term of earning the highest scores in all indicators of Motahari festival. This means that the department of physiology earned the highest scores in the following subjects:

1- Adaptation of educational content with general medical needs according to the document of healthcare reform

2- Regular holding of journal club in order to follow up the scientific activities and learning about the most recent and important scientific achievements related to this field

3- Use of virtual training in order to advance educational goals

4- Per capita levels of education (ratio of faculty members to educational degrees that are covered by the department and per capita of number of taught courses by the faculty members of other schools)

5- Announcement of course plan and courses taught by professors

6- High-quality information and up-to-date upload of information on the department’s website

7- Timely graduation of students of higher educations (MSc and PhD)

8- Number of held sessions in order to plan and organize letters and requests referred to the department

9- Top departments according to high statistics of enrolled students in higher education grades, such as MSc and PhD, in addition to high rate of physiology course regarding accurate responding to questions by students in comprehensive test of basic sciences of the country

10- High levels of student satisfaction with educational activities of the department based on evaluations

11- Positive attitude of deputies of general medicine and higher educations toward the department

12- High rate of response to correspondence of school of medicine

13- Positive comments of head of faculty about the department

This is indicative of determination of the department in promoting all of its educational activities.


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